The Ultimate Hi-Tech and Interactive Mirrors 1
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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Apologies for breaking into the fairytale cliche but lets admit it, we all have narcissistic tendencies! A little self-obsession is healthy and only makes you more confident. So why this sudden interest in vanity, you may ask? Well because we decided to do a round up of the most cutting edge mirrors out there that range from the surreal to the sublime! So without further ado, here are 17 mirrors which can help you can admire yourself.
The Interactive Mirror at the DIESEL GINZA Store (Japan) is what every girl dreams off! It is able to take high-resolution shots of you and then you can decide whether your butt looks fat in a dress or not! Check out the super cool video below. Philips is all about designing for the future and that is why we simply love them. Check out their Interactive Mirror, which even makes chores like brushing fun. You can also check the weather and traffic updates.

The Ultimate Hi-Tech and Interactive Mirrors

You don’t need to only see your own mug in a mirror. Thanks to the technology developed by DND Casa, a Korean design company, you can equip your room with television-equipped mirrors. Imagine watching your favorite TV show anywhere you can fancy.

dnd-casa mirror

Get use to the horror of aging! The Persuasive Mirror gives you a glimpse into the future ,so not exactly for the faint-hearted. The Persuasive Mirror aims at helping people by “using one’s reflection to improve lifestyle.”

Persuasive Mirror

The Carole Mirror is quite the wise ass as it gives you advice on anything and everything. The mirror also has the tendency of spouting random proverbs, which may just perk you up after a hard day.

Carole mirror

Drawing smileys is so passé when the bathroom mirror steams up! Check out Mirror Games, which lets you,play games like Noughts and Crosses, crossword, pipe etc on its surface.

mirror game

The Wooden Mirror is a stunning piece of work and visually is quite striking. Designed by Daniel Rozin , the mirror uses 830 square pieces of wood, 830 servo motors, control electronics, video camera, computer, wood frame. This one is more of a piece of art rather than a utility object.

woodern mirror

BlogLitStudios Interactive Mirror provides quite a psychedelic experience. Is actually has a touchscreen interface that will be loved by iPhone fans! You can doodle on it, enjoy the graphics and do everything, which is fun. Check out the video below to catch all the action.

BlogLitStudios Interactive Mirror

Not all mirrors are frivolous. The Earth Mirror aims at making you a better citizen of this Earth as it will be able to record your daily, monthly and annual usage of water.

earth mirror

Another Daniel Rozi original. After featuring the Wood Mirror we now focus on the Weave Mirror, which has been made of 768 individual strips that have been woven together.

weave mirror

Candy and Candy the Intelligent Mirror was designed for a Mayfair home and boy do I want this bad. Equipped with a 50inch plasma screen with a hidden camera and a control panel, you can check out all your angles by hitting record, play and pause.

Candy and Candy the Intelligent Mirror

The LED Mirror by Suck UK is not just a concept and can be bought by us mere mortals too. The mirror acts like a scrolling LED board and you can access time, date, program and save personalized messages.

LED mirror by SUCK UK

Fans of Goth will appreciate the Scary Interactive Mirror that has been designed by William Gurley. Use the magic wand and become a wannabe Harry Potter.

scary mirror

The Stocco Maitre Touch Screen Mirror will let you groove to your favorite tunes while you maintain personal hygiene. . The Maitre mirror is available in sizes from 90cm to over 2m and party from supporting a MP3 player also provides an interface for radio, date and time, a barometer and more.

Stocco Maitre

When you get tired of preening into the Philips MiraVision, use it to catch your favorite movies and show. This LCD monitor mirror sure makes for a great conversational piece.


The Infiniti Interactive Mirror is something right out of Minority Report. The installation features three 8′ high by 3.5 ‘ wide panes of mirrored glass placed side by side where the projected image with the users image meshes and makes for a surreal experience.

Infiniti Interactive Mirrors

We all know how important texting is to mankind! Hence we approve of the +336+, designed by Robert Stadler. The mirror is able to receive SMS messages sent from a mobile phone.