How to Minimize Clutter in Your Home this Year

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If you are having problems keeping your home decluttered in this New Year, join the crowd! With all of the daily activity in our households, keeping it cleaned just doesn’t seem a reality.  However, there is a silver lining to this disorganized situation and will not be a time consuming hassle for you.  Below are some tips to help show you how to minimize the clutter within your home by minutes.

How to Minimize Clutter in Your Home this Year

Minimize Clutter in Your Home

Image via: Terrat Elms Interior Design

Learn to clean-out and remove clutter:

Typically it is told that the things you do not use within the 6 months of you living in your home you should get rid of.  Select a room to go through and find things that you can sell, donate or just give away.  Things like memorabilia, clothes, shoes, certain family collections that have been collected from the years.  Each day choose a different room to clean from until all have been purged.  And when you go through things truly find the reason of why it should stay if you are planning on hiding it in the garage then it should probably go.

Consider using storage units for temporary storage:

One great solution that will help is by making use of your storage areas or creating storage units.  You can use toy-bins or cubbies for kids or clear filing cases for school and office supplies.  Also, to help not consume your entire floor space, use shelving for books and items that are periodically used or vertical storage units to help keep things out of the way.  From a business perspective, technology has made huge advancements with being able to keep your records, daily paperwork, reports, and business meetings etc. on its data drive so use that to keep your work-life organized.

decluttering organized book shelf

Image via: David Duncan Livingston

Adapt a routine that works for your family:

Help your family to become involved with the reduction of the mess by making it part of a daily, weekly or monthly routine.  Such as every morning everyone makes their beds or every Saturday everyone cleans his/or her own bathrooms.  When your kids bring home artwork or projects ask them which ones they really like and discreetly disregard the rest.  Also, a rule that we all seem to break if you take something out then remember to put it back, it is very easy to let it sit there but that is the core foundation of clutter.

decluttering idea electronic charging area

Image via: LGB Interiors

Keep focused on your end result:

It is a wonderful feeling to walk into a room that is clean and fresh, but an utter stress factor to walk into a cluttered one.  Being in a cluttered room and trying to be constructive usually does not work out for the best and you will eventually try your best not to use the space at all.  So remember a clean and organized space will help to make things much more pleasing and effective for everyone.

De-cluttering your home can seem like an overwhelming and stressful task but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be simple and after a while second-nature because you have made a habit out of it.  You can start off in minute places and go to larger spectrums of the home.  Also, have some fun with it by being creative with the designs of the storage units or repainting the walls within a space for a fresh look.  You can organize your home how you see fit, so follow some of the guides above and see how they work or you.

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