Mid century Modern Furniture by Oscar Niemeyer 1
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To celebrate the 100th birthday of famed mid century furniture design great Oscar Niemeyer, R 20th Century Design will offer a 13 piece collection including the looping wood Rio Chaise Lounge and the Secs Hotel sofa. As you can see Niemeyer took full advantage of his architectural crafts, and bent wood which was widely used during that period to create furniture of “icon status“. The expertly crafted collection is literally “interior architecture” that stands out in a world of copied designs and redundancy to make a statement that is simply unlike anything else you will see. I personally have great respect for the mid century period that set the stage for the next sixty years of modern furniture, and gave future generations a benchmark of design and quality. The entire collection is innovative to say the least and is part of a wide variety of mid century modern furniture at R 20th Century Design.
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