modern retractable bed
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Retractable beds have to be the most dynamic, fun, and surprising design concepts for the solo, free spirits; the ones who love small spaces and are not limited by the dimensions of a room. Available in all sizes, styles, and build, these folding beds can be hang off a roof, placed against a wall, or magically transformed into cushiony sofas. The Everynight Retractable Bed bears the marks of a classic, space-saving bed designed for the adventurous at heart.


modern retractable bed
Ideal for small homes


Constructed with a wooden-slatted bedspring, this bed elicits a sense of sheer durability without compromising its inherent flexibility. Its removable foam mattress and swivel heels add to its mobile and portable personality. Everynight Retractable Bed by Pol74 has a bedspring in three sizes: 140×200, 90×200 and 80×200. Mattress options include a pocket spring mattress, a removable foam mattress, or a spring mattress that may or may not be removed. The possibilities with this bed are endless. It lends itself easily to small hotel rooms, one-room apartments, and touristic abodes. It also looks good in new contemporary spaces that appeal to the minimalist at heart.


Everynight Retractable Bed by Pol74
You can fold it up during the day


Everynight’s inbuilt functionality is evident in the jungle cover that snaps into a warm quilt for those frosty nights. Its soft upholstered headboard is detachable. It gives the bed a complete, almost traditional look. If you are after interior furnishings that can stylishly solve modern space problems, you will instantly be drawn to the salient piece that is Everynight.

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