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As dependent as many of us have grown on our beloved laptops — and by “dependent,” we mean “impossible to stay away from for more than one night’s sleep” — the inordinate amount of time we spend with them can be detrimental to our health.  The biggest culprit?  Hunching over and looking down at our screens.  Massage therapists and kinesiologists agree that the body begins to form scar tissue every 20 minutes the body is in an unnatural and compromised position.  So, for those of us who want to stay flexible, upright and healthy overall, posture is important.  Luckily, today’s roundup of cool laptop stands offers ten smart suggestions to save us from ourselves.  From the see-through minimalism of Instructables’ offering to the sleek, eco-friendly bamboo stylings of ECOFAN, there’s something in this curation for every taste, and just one of them helps us stay connected to our little windows on the world without compromising our well-being, then heck… we’ll take two.

10 Cool Laptop Stands


cool laptop stand


laptop stands


laptop stand


wooden laptop stand


cushioned laptop stand


pink laptop stand


curved laptop stand


laptop stand with speakers


fold-up laptop stand



Bamboo stand found at Green Tuna Design.