Here is a product that could have made our recent article called, Sofas: 15 of the Most Amazing Modern Designs. At times I like to imagine my living room being transformed from a place of design to one of comfort. When it comes down to it as humans we need to relax and have restorative time away from our jobs and other stresses in life. Loft is a reclining sectional sofa from Arketipo furniture that has concealed its secret – that it can be comfortable as well. The low profile creates a wonderful visual in a living room. In no way does it appear to be “overstuffed” or “oversized”. Thus, you have the cool look and then have the flexibility to recline and relax for your restorative time. There are numerous fabric and leather options available.
Reclining Sectional Sofas
Sectional Sofas

Adjustable Sofa that Reclines
Loft Sofa by Arketipo Furniture

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