Industrial designer Michael Stolworthy has an interesting repertoire of work and two of his seating collections really piqued my interest. The Lo Boy Lounger and the Serous Bar Stool traverse diverse design ethos and are characterized by infinite geometrical lines, modern aesthetics and fluid curves. Minimalistic, modern and chic, the Lo Boy Lounger and the Serous Bar Stool have been conceptualized in coherence with current design trends prevalent in modern nightclubs and lounges. According to the designer, the Serous Bar Stool is all about fluidity and hence the sinuous lines that further get highlighted due to the Polished Aluminum, Gloss Black, Anodized Aluminum Red, and CNC routed Hardwood finish. On the other hand, the Lo Boy Lounger with its monochromic minimalism has been designed keeping in mind night clubs and contemporary homes.

Lo Boy Lounger