Arflex is internationally recognized for its hallmark Strips Bed, whose distinctive quilting makes it stand apart as a museum-quality example of modern design.  Designer Cini Boeri has an unusual inspiration for her new armchair and sofa suite, which has roots in the Strips Bed.  With Mother Nature and Arflex tradition as her source of creativity, Cini Boeri completed the Pecorelle Sofa and Chair. Evolving out of the legendary quilted pattern, Boeri claims that two masters of landscape painting, Christo Vladimirov Javasev and Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon, also inspired her with their famous nature scenes.


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Pecorelle Sofa & Chair by Arflex

comfortable livingroom furniture


Arflex has indeed created seating that imitates life in the – Pecorelle Sofa and Chair. “Pecorelle,” meaning “sheep,” literally draws its character from the fluffy woolen farm animals.  The overstuffed, rounded shapes of the pieces do bear a striking resemblance to the Strips Bed upholstery as well as their animal namesake.  Both the sofa and armchair are perched on spindly black legs that give the furniture a sense of potential motion, as if they might trot off in a herd together.  Boeri’s interpretation gives a bright and playful update to the traditional themes of nature and animals in art.  Available in your choice of upholstery, the Pecorelle Chair and Sofa aren’t destined for rural fields like four-legged sheep.


Pecorelle sofa and chairs

sheep a like furniture


You can enjoy a peaceful moment of a simpler time in your very own home with an original source of inspiration that you won’t soon forget.  A great conversation piece, the Pecorelle Sofa and Chair can be used as stand alone accents or grouped in their own herd.


With the Pecorelle, you’ll wonder: does life imitate art or is it the other way around?