Previously we showed you the solid wood planters from Deep Stream Designs and their latest release, the LEED Planters & Recyclers built with HDPE planks made from recycled milk jugs keeps with their “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” belief. The use of recycled plastic “lumber” planks eliminates the cutting of trees and uses less energy to manufacture, not to mention they require NO maintenance, never needing to be painted or stained, and they will never rot or splinter. These are available in various sizes including 36, 42, and 72 inch widths. Prices start at $590.00 for Standard 36 width with liner. It’s nice to see a product that is remade from old goods as opposed to using up new natural resources. See and order the entire collection of planters and recycling waste receptacles from Deep Stream Designs here.
planters boxes