A small round table, perfect for the outdoors, sits in the speckled shade of a green leafy tree.  The sun on the cobblestones is warm, almost hot, but in the dappled light and the light breeze under the tree, all is well.  There isn’t much on the table, perhaps just a few biscuits and a rich cup of coffee.  That image of a calm day will put a smile on your face.  The power of a simple table to host a mood, to host an entire day, is undeniable.


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Katana/T3 Table for Accademia: Circular Style

round patio tables

Mauro Lipparini captured this essence with both indoor and outdoor versions. By using a simple design, Lipparini actually frees the table to embrace a mood and a feeling.  A tripod base gives the table a stability that is visually appealing yet functional in strength.


furniture details

three legged table

For the indoor version, the embossed steel frame is finished with a natural beech top that adds a feeling of casual warmth.  The outdoor version boasts the same steel base in brushed white or matte black.  The choices for the top are all durable and well-suited to withstand the elements.  Select from a smooth poured concrete, a textured concrete, or a natural iroko, or African teak, hardwood tabletop.  With each variation you’ll experience the same appealing simplicity of a day spent outside in the sun, or even bring a little of nature indoors as an accent piece that ready at hand. With a perfectly relaxing day so readily at hand, don’t you want to reach out and take this beautiful piece for yourself?