This ultra-modern lounge chair defies all stereotypes of overstuffed recliners.  Meet the future look of comfort in the sleek curves of the Karuselli lounge chair from Artek.  Designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro, the innovative take on a recliner is refreshing and exciting.  Its slim profile is suited for a living room, bedroom, or office, where you can have a moment of comfort without sacrificing your sense of contemporary style to the bulky shape of a traditional recliner.


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Karuselli Lounge Chair by Artek

Contemporary lounge chair


Kukkapuro crafted the hard exterior shell of the Karuselli from fiberglass, a lightweight material that allowed the designer to let his imagination loose on the flowing shape of the lounge chair without being restricted by the material.  The shell rests on a painted white base with a fully rotating swing bracket made of brushed steel.  This seat may seem diminutive, but its construction is anything but delicate.  The interior of the Karuselli Lounge Chair by Artek is upholstered in black leather for comfort to match the ergonomic design of the “zero-gravity” reclining position.


fully rotating swing chair

 lounge chair design



The chair offers support from legs to neck with carefully placed cushioning for a stress-free reclining experience.  No matter where you use it, the Karuselli will provide a few moments — or a few hours — of pure comfort and relaxation.  As a part of your design, the lounger will surely add a contemporary edge to your room that you’ll be proud to show off.  With aggressive lines yet an inviting appeal, where will you make a comfort statement in your home or office with Karuselli lounge chair?