The traditional Japanese step chest, or “Kaidan Dansu,” emerged in the late 18th century and has since become a staple of the country’s most universally-recognized design archive.  Made of a combination of drawers, open shelves and sliding doors, the massive wooden stairs were originally constructed as one large, immutable element, and only later began showing up in stores and living spaces as conglomerations of three smaller pieces that could be split up or rearranged in various ways.  These days, Greentea Design crafts double-sided step chest reproductions comprised of a square core and two step pieces, transforming fairly easily from a 7’ staircase into a side cabinet, simple shelving system, makeshift desk or even several standalone pieces.  They’re also perfect as a room divider.  Chests start at $2200.

Japanese Step Chests from Greentea Design

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