Instant Monogrammed Pool Mosaic For Home Swimming Pools

Now that summer is here in most parts of the world, its time to plunge into the pool and work on that tan. If you want to raise the style quotient of your home swimming pool without breaking the bank, then the Instant Monogrammed Pool Mosaic is the ideal solution for you. Available on HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER the mosaic is indistinguishable from real tiles when viewed from the pool deck and the 47″ diameter mosaic installs easily since you just have to submerge it using an extended pool brush and place it on the bottom of your pool. Made from from 4 lb. acrylic, the realistic mosaic bears a single, decorative letter which can represent your last name and you can choose the capital script-type font. This item requires personalization and can be yours for  $179.95.

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