I am often amazed at the ingenuity of architects and designers as they challenge our concept of shape and space. This unique shaped contemporary building is located in Melbourne where it resides in a prestigious area steeped in history. This four-story building is planned to have a cafe at its first level and offices above. On the fourth level is to be an office where the honorary consular of Monaco will reside offering a grand place to meet and greet dignitaries and important guests.

Part of the scope of this project was that Melbourne wanted to create a sense of urbanism as it is has slowly eroded over time. According to the architect firm, McBride Charles Ryan, this type of project is rare. I applaud the government for getting behind such a wonderful contemporary architecture project. I am sure that this building will be a sight-seeing stop for tourists.
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unique ceiling shapes and designs

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For me the most striking element is the incredible shapes throughout the structure. The office interiors even continue this theme, having wonderful sloped ceilings, interesting shaped walls, and cool window designs. Designers know how hard it can be to decorate a space that does not fit conventional thought. It will be wonderful to see some pictures of the interiors once they are completely furnished. Via – Arch Daily.
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Crazy Shaped Building
Non Standard Unique Interior Walls
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