Bring classic elegance with a twist to your kitchen with a fresh design and innovative concepts from Armony Cucine.  The Sigma kitchen features the exciting trends in contemporary Italian design.  The sleek, minimalist outlines of each element are cutting-edge in European style and built with quality Italian craftsmanship. The Sigma adds originality and personality to the place in your home that is central to social gatherings: your cuisine.


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Sigma Kitchen by Armony Cucine

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The highlight of the Sigma kitchen by Armony Cucine is the curved, C-shaped island counter with an integrated sink.  The designers at Armony Cucine re-imagined the traditional square or rectangular island to create a workspace that is unique and contemporary as well as more functional and convenient than ever before.  With an entire countertop all at your fingertips without taking a step, you can challenge yourself as a chef the same way the Sigma kitchen challenges traditional design.  Large built-in wall cabinets that extend from floor to ceiling offer plenty of storage, and serve as the backdrop for the integrated oven.


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To extend the look of the Sigma kitchen outward and into the rest of your living space in a seamless transition, use the slender dining table, modern chairs, and floating shelving to create a complete living environment.  The innovative forms need no ornamentation to get attention, resulting in a clean and simple look ready for your lifestyle.  Are you ready to make a splash with the Sigma kitchen collection from Armony Cucine?