very unusual floor lamp by Hive
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Dragons are legendary creatures which have inspired storytellers since time immemorial. Known for their gigantic frames, huge tails, and fire-breathing mouths, they have never ceased to amaze little ones.

They strike fear into the hearts of children and inspire others to be brave. Luisa Robinson was inspired by childhood tales when creating these beautiful lamps for Hive.

She took advantage of Japanese Origami to craft unique lighting creations which make beautiful centerpieces anywhere. They have unusual shades made from origami paper in the shape of a dragon’s tail. Small papers are carefully folded by hand then attached to each other to form the tail.


Dragon's Tail Lamp Collection by Hive


Designed with a chrome metal frame and base, the Dragon’s Tail Lamp Collection by Hive will stand the test of time. It is brilliantly delicate yet somehow dangerous. It comprises a table lamp, floor lamp, and suspension pendants in different sizes.

The fixtures have cream shades which distribute light brilliantly at night. They will appeal to those who prefer a more unconventional look.


Dragon's Tail Lamp Collection by Hive
It enlivens spaces at night

Dragons Tail Hanging Lamp


Luisa Robinson has infused the ethos of Hive into these beautiful creations that could only have been designed by a mastermind. She skillfully intertwines simple materials with planned execution to transform the power of dragons into unique lighting creations.

Dragon’s tail will remind you of your childhood and create beautiful memories for your children. If you love daring design and are not afraid to experiment with new pieces, get it.

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