The Compasso d’Oro award is the most coveted and highly prized award in furniture design around the world.   Each year one new piece is added to the award’s enduring hall of fame, and the few pieces that grace its history are inevitably practical and functional enough for daily use, but also innovative in their design and visually stunning enough to be considered modern art in their own right.

Ingenuity at Work: Adhoc Shelving Unit by Zanotta

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The Adhoc Shelving Unit by Zanotta has the stamp of the Comapsso d’Oro award means that this piece of furniture serves a place that almost no other objects in existence can serve: it is simultaneously displayed in art museums as pure design as well as found in homes and offices on every continent as a useful part of daily life.


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To unite two such vastly different functions in one single piece is truly a feat of ingenuity. The Adhoc Shelving Unit, designed by Bruno Fattorini for the Zanotta name, is one of those elite few pieces that you can bring into your home with the full assurance that no other shelving unit has reached the same level of distinction.  Not only was the design awarded the Compasso d’Oro, but it also resides in art museums in Italy, France, and the United States.   The freestanding, upright shelving unit pivots around a vertical steel support for storage flexibility and modern aesthetic effect.  The shelving is coated in your choice of scratch-resistant white or black, and the steel supports and joints are offered in a black or aluminum finish.   Which of your favorite accents will grace this famous shelf?