Every October, pink ribbons festoon store shelves, websites and personal lapels in an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer statistics, prevention methods and opportunities for donation to ongoing research efforts.  For one month, the entire world sets aside time to focus on empowering women with the information they need to take advantage of early detection screenings, while simultaneously giving everyone a nudge to do what they can to aid in the effort to find a cure.  So here at Furniture Fashion, we’re doing our part and taking a day to focus on a very worthy cause.  Enjoy today’s special roundup of bold pink furniture, presented in honor of those we’ve lost and those we’re still fighting for.  Think pink!

10 Pieces of Pink Furniture

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the pink chair project

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pink bathroom


pink beanbag


hot pink bench


pink lounge pillow


pink patio bench


pink pet bed


pink Karim Rashid ottoman


pink vanity



Hot pink sofa found at Room Service.