Hydrotherapy and Wellness Whirlpool Tubs from KASCH 1
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Bathroom wellness products are rising in popularity as people realize the benefits hydrotherapy can offer. KASCH is well versed in the art of modern and contemporary bathroom products that not only enhance your body and soul, but also your interior design visuals. The progressive “Overflow” collection of subterranean modern tubs recently won the RedDot Design Award and features, like the name would imply, a soothing waterfall overflow system that surrounds the user with the delicate sound of flowing water. As you can see there is a tub shape for every design scheme that can be surrounded in stone, wood, or a zen rock setting. If a more conventional freestanding type of tub for bathing is more you thing KASCH has you covered there as well. See the entire collection of modern bath tubs and wellness whirlpool tubs.

Hydrotherapy and Wellness Whirlpool Tubs from KASCH

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