Your laundry room is the one place in your home that you don’t think of wanting to brighten, is it? For many homeowners the laundry room gets its fair share of wear and tear. From washing and folding clothes, to ironing, sorting and housing cleaners and detergents the laundry room isn’t usually thought of when trying to improve its aesthetics. Although, your laundry room probably sees you and your family more than you would like to! Instead of ignoring your laundry room, why not make it into a space that is comfortable, appealing and full of colorful inspiration? Here are some ideas for brightening your laundry room and enjoying the room that was once forgotten.

bright colored laundry room
Bring bright colors into your laundry room

Image via: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

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Creatively bring color into your laundry room

We always think of adding color to our bedrooms, living and dining spaces and exterior home – but when it comes to utilitarian rooms like our laundry rooms who thinks about color? You should! It’s a proven fact that color makes humans feel good and increases our productivity when performing laborious tasks. Colorful cabinetry, appliances, tile and countertops are a good place to start. Whether you choose one of the trending appliance colors offered by manufacturers – red, blue, silver or you decide to paint your wood cabinetry a fresh lime green or summer turquoise, you will find a new way to brighten your laundry room.

laundry room color
Cabinetry, countertops and appliances can brighten your laundry room

Image via: Melissa Lenox Design 

Bring light into your laundry room naturally

If you’re fortunate enough to have a laundry room with a window, make the most of it! Dress up the window with a fashionable window treatment that matches the rest of your laundry area. If your mudroom or sitting area shares an adjoining space with your laundry room – use a similar color palette in seat cushions, window treatments, and even paint color of cabinetry to create a cohesive and brighter space. Install under cabinet lighting if you have counters to create a source of task lighting on your countertop surfaces. Recessed lighting in the ceiling or even a small table lamp will create a welcoming feeling to your laundry room, instead of the bright fluorescent fixture that feels like an old laundromat!

laundry room light window mudroom
Natural light and lighting fixtures can create a welcoming ambiance

Image via: Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Your laundry room shouldn’t be a room that is avoided by you and the family. Instead, perk it up with colorful additions, natural light and beautiful lighting fixtures.  Once upon a time your laundry room was the place you quickly entered and exited, now it can be a destination area of your home that you love to spend time in!