Kaki Side Table by Kenyon Yeh
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Vulnerability can be a refreshing thing.  In a world where perfection is sought after at every cost and imperfections are rarely celebrated, it’s a breath of fresh air when a moment comes along in which nearly everyone agrees on the beauty of something that isn’t quite 100 percent.  Such is the case of the Kiko table from Kenyon Yeh, which only has two legs and maintains its composure by leaning up against a wall or fellow furnishing.  The prototype is available in three Easter-perfect colors: white, pale pink and pale turquoise.  The powder-coated steel stands are 40 cm wide,  32 cm deep and  52 cm tall, and while they may be a bit too precarious for, say, a hot cup of coffee or cold pitcher of beer, we’re presuming they do a lovely job of holding small, light objects like magazines, remote controls and perhaps an occasional potted plant.  At once delicate and symmetrical, a few of these strategically placed creative side tables can provide a subtle, spring-inspired pop of color to an interior space — perfectly pastel and right in line with the easy simplicity of the most effortlessly cheerful season of the year.  To order, contact Kenyon Yeh Design Studio directly through its official website.


Creative Side Tables from Kenyon Yeh


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Photo credits: Kenyon Yeh

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