The Coolest High Tech Beds

None of us can deny the fact that everything is advancing at a high pace. From connecting with people from across the world to ask Siri and Alexa to control our smart devices, the world around us is changing significantly. With everything changing so substantially, the furniture industry is undergoing the most profound changes.

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After the smartphones and smart appliances comes the smart furniture, and now high-tech beds. Yes!! You read it right. Gone are the days when all you needed was a piece of mattress, sheet, and a pillow to get that good night’s sleep. Well, the importance of a good night’s sleep has not diminished, but the present era calls for furniture with high tech and exciting features.

I understand that you might find it difficult to digest but stay calm as in this article I will take you on the rundown to some of the coolest high tech beds which will leave you amazed. Also, this list of the fantastic beds will help you choose the one which suits you best. So, let’s take a look at some of the coolest high tech beds.


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ReST Bed

The Responsive Surface Technology bed is best suited for people who make the most of their time when they are awake. Built with keeping in mind the problem of back pain, this bed adjust the firmness automatically as you get into sleep to ensure optimal comfort and support.

While the comfort provided is worth considering, the ReST bed recognizes that each body and its needs are different (especially for those who are physically active) and offer customization to its users.

The ReST bed features five independent support zones including shoulders, back, legs, head, and hips, and gives complete control to its owners over the firmness of each zone, allowing them to build the perfect bed for their body.

High tech beds

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Sleep Number 360

Sleep Number has made a long way when it comes to cutting edge-sleep technology and its latest innovation “Sleep Number 360” does not disappoint the users when we talk of diving into a state of deep sleep.

The user-friendly and practical features of this bed, along with its automated amenities, help you get the most comfortable sleep experience. It not only allows the users to adjust the firmness level according to their needs but automatically adjust firmness throughout the night with its responsive air technology as the owner change positions while sleeping, ensuring that one never find themselves in an uncomfortable spot.

Also, if you take a lot of trips to the washroom in between your sleep, it covers you with its underbed lightning which automatically gets activated as soon as it detects that you have arisen.

If under any circumstances, you get stuck with a snoring partner, this bed covers you there as well. There are models of the 360 that feature Flexfit, allowing the users to gently elevate the head position of their snoring partner to end the saw logs.

The models with flexfit feature also enable the owners to enjoy multiple bed positions from the elevated back for watching TV to zero gravity for resting and sleeping peacefully. In addition to these fantastic features, the 360 also offer toasty toes as some models of this series of smart beds come with foot warmers as well.

High tech beds 2

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One thing almost all of us hate in common is the chore of making our bed after waking up. Wouldn’t it be really cool if our beds could come with that feature? I know, right?

And the good news here is that with SmartDuvet you do not have to worry about making your bed anymore. Yes!! You read it right. The SmartDuvet is a smarter comforter attachment that is equipped with the technology that assists you in making your bed each morning on its own. All you have to do is tap the app-based button.

The SmartDuvet slips between the duvet and duvet cover and come with the added advantage of working without any hassle with your current bedding and bed. Not to boast about it but the SmartDuvet’s abilities are not only limited to the time-saving amenity of maintaining your bed.

It also comes with an option of dual-side climate control, allowing each user to adjust the temperature of their side of the bed according to them, without any need to fight over the thermostat.

smart duvet

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Worth a Look

Beautyrest Smartmotion Base

When it comes to beds, it is not always all about the mattresses, comfort zone, or even sleep data and the incredibly fabulous Beautyrest Smartmotion Base has considered the same. This beauty takes a different approach to better comfort and rest.

This smartmotion base can set itself to any number of positions from zero gravity to custom configurations set by the owner. It does not matter if you are reading, relaxing, or watching TV; it will allow you to build the exact bed position you need for the task at hand.

However, its commitment to comfort does not stop at only bed position configurations. There are specific models of the smartmotion base that comes with a six-level massage system for its users, offering instant relaxation at the touch of a button.

Wait!! It does not end here. The smartmotion also has a cool SnoreRelief feature that elevates your partner’s side automatically to stop their sleep-destroying sounds. And besides all these cool features, the smartmotion base has four built-in USB charging outlets for your tablets and phones.

Tip to take: Buying smart furniture for yourself may be quite expensive but not anymore. The rental startup industry has made it easy for you to own the best piece of furniture by being at the ease of your pockets. So, you may now quickly lookout for beds for rent and other pieces of furniture too, and get the one you like without investing huge amount of money.

High Tech Beds 3

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Worth a Look

Hican Smart Bed

So much more than a bed, the Hican smart bed comes with many amazing features. The first thing to notice about Hican smart bed is the canopy covering it from all four sides. Inside the canopy are automated privacy blinds to provide you the much-needed alone time.

One of the best features of these privacy walls is that these are useful when you want to enjoy a movie to watch on the 72” home theatre screen by turning on the built-in projector.

This bed could be a dream come true for gamers. Hican comes with an option for gamers to integrate a PlayStation or Xbox console with the bed and play their favorite games while sitting on their luxurious bed.

If we talk of comfort, this bed comes with a fantastic feature of enabling you to control each side of the bed according to your preference and also assist you to monitor your health while sleeping.

High tech beds

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Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

From Leggett and Platt, the Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed is a perfect combination of bedding and technology to provide maximum comfort to its users. It uses diagnostic tools to maintain temperature, monitor body movements, and alleviate snoring.

It comes with an anti-snore technology to reduce snoring in mild to moderate cases by elevating the upper body a few degrees. Also, the sleep diagnostic center keeps track of body movement and breathing pattern throughout the night.

Also, the dual programmable temperature control enables you to adjust the temperature according to your liking. One of the best things about this bed is that it comes with an iPod docking station and 2500 watt sound system, adding perks for the music lovers.


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Hollandia Platinum- Luxe Elite Sleep System

Boasting loads of luxury options, this bed comes with a retractable 32 inch Sony Bravia HDTV which sits 80 inches from the headboard, and the brightness automatically adjusts to the ambient light, reducing strain on the eyes. The elite gently adjusts to a comfortable reclining position to provide maximum comfort to the user.

Apart from the classic features, the elite comes with a gorgeous design. The base of the bed is covered in Italian designed fabric, and it is available in the variation of grey and white to complement any bedroom.


Image source: gizmodo

Wrapping it Up

The race of staying ahead of others in the present competitive era makes it difficult for one to get a good night’s sleep. Well, with the smart beds mentioned above, getting a sound sleep has now become easy.

Also, the smart range of high tech beds available has not only improved sleep but also modified the definition of entertainment, comfort, and luxury in an all-new way. So, get yourself the bed that suits all your needs and enjoy your sleep at best.