leaning bookshelf
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Scandinavian design includes aesthetics that are crisp, clean, minimalist, and fashion forward. Many furniture items in modern homes are of or inspired by Scandinavian designs. Even IKEA is of Scandinavian invention or what we now refer to as mid-century modern. In order to get a better feel for just what Scandinavian designs look like here is a rundown of different types of furniture from ScandinavianDesigns.com. This may just be your newest interior décor obsession and with good reason!

Insigna Leaning Bookshelf

The Insigna Leaning Bookshelf is made out of poplar and metal. Its simple design works well for showcasing anything from books to décor. Shown here are two bookshelves put together for a fuller more symmetrical look, but if you are trying to fit this into a smaller space then just one leaning bookshelf is all you will need.

leaning bookshelf

Mlana Outdoor Sectional

This beautiful blue outdoor sectional is made in parts in order for the owner to customize according to their needs.   The fabric is weather and sun resistant so you can enjoy your Mlana Outdoor Sectional for years to come.

blue outdoor sectional

Piuma Outdoor Armchair

This fun chair is something to get excited about. Its beautiful lines of purple textirope with a blue frame can be used to incorporate into your indoor or outdoor décor. Imagine sipping mimosas on your patio or getting some serious work done in your home office. Either way, this chic purple chair is a must have for Scandinavian design.

purple scandinavian chair

Nova Desk and Return Group

Not only will you love the clean and bright look of your new desk, but you’ll love the amount of productivity you will be able to accomplish with all the extra open space the Nova Desk has to offer. Materials include a metal frame and frosted glass top. Have fun decorating your new office space!

white scandinavian desk

Martini Freestanding Bar

Paired with a couple of unique bar chairs and this Martini Freestanding Bar is all you need to get the party started. It features three shelves with plenty of storage for stocking drinks and glasses. The curved bar features frosted glass and maintains an overall modern appeal.

martini bar

Rain Rug

The classic contrasting black and white lines of the Rain Rug will update your home with a modern Scandinavian look. The rug is made of polypropylene and can be displayed outside or in.

rain rug

Coffee Gold Ceramic Vase

Find this and more stunning vase designs featured all in the same place. The geometric shapes paired with a stunning gold finish will be a perfect match for flowers or other décor. A matching tall vase is also available.

gold geometric vase