Hang Book Lights Your Reading Passion 1
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So you love reading a few pages of an actual book every night before sleep but you hate eBook readers? In that case you’ll need some sort of a light to illuminate those pages without waking up your better half, don’t you? In that case we have an alternative to a bedside lamp for you, the Hang Book. The Hang Book is a light source that simply hangs down from the ceiling and also happens to hang your book and offer the appropriate lighting you need. It will all make sense once you see the images below, so I won’t blame you if go ahead and order/make yourself such a Hang-Book light in the very near future. Or you could always go for an eReader, which pretty much lights itself up every time even if it lacks the design factor of the Hang-Book!

Hang Book 1.jpg
Hang Book 2.jpg

Hang Book 3.jpg
Hang Book 4.jpg