Hai Speed Benches : Ultra Modern Furniture from Phillip Grass 1
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Designer Phillip Grass sent us these awesome pictures of his latest furniture endeavor, the “Hai Speed Bench” which looks very fast even though they are standing still. It is a bit of a contradiction of terms as a bench is usually a place you stop to take a break. In this case Hai is German for shark which is more fitting to the sleek ultra modern design that features an inner core of wood surrounded by layers of bamboo fiber and epoxy resin for strength, and finished with automotive quality paint for water proofing and dramatic looks. Each of the six pieces that comprise the Hai bench series is made by hand and share similar characteristics one of which is healthy dose of super cool!! Visit phillipgrassgallery.com to see his entire collection of furniture as well as the rest of the Hai collection.

modern benches and public seating hai speed.jpg

bench modern hai speed phillip grass.jpg
benches modern hai series phillip grass.jpg