Grand Hall "Eternal Hybrid" Tankless Water Heating System 1
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In a recent post Furniture Fashion praised the benefits of tankless water heaters for not only their energy efficiency, but environmental aspects as well. Grand Hall’s Eternal hybrid is an advanced on-demand water heating system that provides endless and consistent hot water for multiple applications. Eternal Hybrid is honored as one of “2008’s Best New Products” by Professional Builder and omits near zero greenhouse gas emissions which means Eternal Hybrid is one of the cleanest burning, environmentally friendly appliances on the market. This little wonder is capable of producing a 47,500 to 236,000 BTU’s capacity range, and 0.1 – 20.8 GPM with a patented counter-flow technology that maintains an 86% efficiency. Other features include an intelligent computer monitoring system, stainless steel and self cleaning reserve tank with 20 year warranty, and a multi-pass heat exchanger. Perfect for residential or commercial, and indoor or outdoor use.
grand hall eternal hybrid tankless water heater