Want to adorn your living room with timeless pieces that offer a fresh take on modern living? Why not begin your collection with the Gramercy chair by Soren Rose Studio? The regal seat has a long back and a slight frame which supports its heavy body. It is perfect for relaxing in and enjoying a good book or a cup of tea or coffee.


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Gramercy Chair by Soren Rose Studio: Redefining Function


Thanks to its high backrest, the chair acts as a shelter and creates privacy without closing you off from the surrounding area. Its wings brilliantly minimize the noise from the surrounding area and offer a place to rest your head. The Gramercy Chair by De La Espada is eye-catching and will seat your guests in style. Its gorgeous curved frame makes it not only a conversation starter, but also an unforgettable piece.


Soren Rose Studio design

Gramercy chair



The Gramercy chair by Soren Rose Studio is all about simplicity and quality craftsmanship. Its design reflects how we live today. The design reinvents tradition and redefines function. It is manufactured by De La Espada for the Soren Rose Studio brand and is perfect for fashion-forward homeowners. Get it with the Gramercy ottoman and create the perfect spot for lounging or reading the morning paper. If you’ve been looking for ways to boost your living room’s appeal, get this. It makes decorating easy and helps make your space livable and beautiful. It oozes a New York contemporary aura and offers the best of Scandinavian furniture tradition.


What room will your grace with the Gramercy chair?