Glass art is a very specific and creative talent that offers a beautiful and timeless addition to any home or commercial office setting. Artist Chris McCarthy applied his skills to his glass art in its liquid and solid state deliberately sculpting each piece to reduce the refraction of light. McCarthy then uses very old Venetian techniques of Murrini, Incalmo, and Battuto to give his work a stunning appearance and additional depth. Here are a few of his glass vases that showcase his talents as a gifted artisan. Each piece signed and available from. Top Cobalt Vase 10.0in H x 7.0in W x 5.0in D $1225 Center Orange Vase 10.0in H x 8.0in W x 4.0in D $1225 Bottom Aquamarine Vase 14.0in H x 8.0in W x 4.0in D $1225

cobalt contemporary glass vase chris mccarthy

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aquamarine glass vases and glass art chris mccarthy