It doesn’t matter if you love Rock n Roll, groove to retro music or practice your dance movies to the more current crop of RnB artists. As long as you are a music lover, chances are you will appreciate the uber cool Record Bowls. Designed by artist Jeff Davis, these decorative bowls are made from actual classic LPs and have been hand made in Philadelphia. The collection is available in either the traditional smooth design or the modern stepped design and can only be used to serve dry goods. Audiophiles and collectors will appreciate the Record Bowls as they almost look like music memorabilia and artist Jeff Davis also makes bowls on order by using the client’s personal collection. The bowls are the epitome of coolness and the perfect accompaniment for rocking parties. You can buy the Record-Bowls from the website Uncommon Goods and they sell for $24.00 a piece.

record bowl
lp record bowls