A versatile piece of furniture is worth its weight in gold, whether its adaptable in form or function.  Why not have both?  With priceless utility, the Giano Wall Cabinet from the Al Studio is truly a chameleon.  Made for Antonio Lupi, the Giano is a master of disguise and an expert in camouflage.  Wall-mounted, each cabinet boasts five internal shelves and one divider that are cleverly shielded from view.  Available in either a right- or left- hand opening version, the cabinet door is mirrored on both sides and distinctively modern.  The slim design stands off of the wall like sculpture with space for display on the outer sides.


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Giano Wall Cabinet by Antonio Lupi


The illusion of space in the Giano Wall Cabinet from Altonio Lupi is powerful as a stand-alone piece, but best highlighted in a grouping mounted along a wall to catch and reflect light.  The door panels, suspended off the ground like floating pillars of empty space, become more like an artistic gallery installation than an average daily item of furniture.


tall wall cabinet

mirrored wall cabinets


Mirrors are a prevailing technique for adding depth and increasing the apparent size of a room, but if you choose to display the Giano Cabinets with their doors open, you will add an entirely new level of dimension and visual interest thanks to the additional mirror on the inside of the door.  A functional piece of furniture like a shelf doesn’t have to be expected or ordinary.  Take the illusion of mirrors to new places in your design with the juxtaposition of a few cabinets.


Where will the reflective Giano cabinet fit in your interiors?