Jump forward in time to an era where traditional lighting is replaced with pure creativity.  The futuristic design of the RPD06 Pendant Chandelier is unparalleled for drama in lighting.  Designed by Neidhardt, the RPD06 Pendant is an open disc mounted to the ceiling via invisible wires.  Hovering with the mysterious power of a spaceship, this pendant light makes basic room lighting look like space-age technology.


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The RPD06 Pendant Chandelier


The chrome ring illuminates from an invisible source hidden to the eye. In colored shades like orange or blue, you can control the atmosphere of a room through the ambient color.  For large space, the RPD06 Chandelier from Neidhardt becomes a work of installation art when grouped together and hung from varied heights, like clouds drifting overhead.


living room or kitchen lighting

Gorgeous lighting ideas


The pendant is a sophisticated solution for a private dining room, living area, or kitchen; but a large grouping of RPD06 Pendant Chandeliers is also a dramatic, contemporary statement to cover an entire corporate or commercial space.  Update your lighting well past the 21st century with a chandelier that rejects all convention, right down to a traditional lightbulb.  Do something new with lighting and step into the future.  The RPD06 Pendant is a floating conversation piece that gets your guests looking up.  What does your future look like under the glow of the RPD06 Pendant Chandelier?