Here is a great idea from Fusion which combines gaming and dining into one piece of furniture. The tables featured here serve multi-functional purposes being both a pool table and a dining table. I must admit when I first heard of the concept I envisioned some hideous beast of a table. I was pleasantly surprised to see their product and how much effort that went into creating more of a home decor item than just a pool table. Now if you are faced with the challenge of dedicating a room to your spouse’s pool habit their may be another option. From a space saving purpose, this is a great idea. Further, those that live in lofts, small apartments, or flats can have the hope of having a dinner party and a pool party in the same night. For pricing and availability information you must contact Fusion.

Fusion Dining and Pool Tables
Bachelor Convertible Pool and Dining Table
Fusion Multi Use Dining Tables
Combination Pool and Dining Table
Fusion Gaming and Dining Table

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