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I fell in love with the fun children’s furniture set from Agati when I first saw it. You can see from the pictures the wonderful shapes and colors that create the Alta Forma collection. A child’s mind is fascinating in what they think and how the connect things together. Alta Forma has capitalized on the moment, designing a collection to stimulate the child’s mind. This collection does appear to be perfect for a playroom and might be a bit large for an individual home. Pictured here are two sets: one has 9 pieces while the other has 19 pieces. The 19 piece set is probably more for a day care setting unless you have a large space in your home. A neat feature is that these products are sold individually. Thus, if you wanted to grab a few pieces for your child, that is an option.

Fun Children's Furniture for the Cool Bedroom or Playroom

coolest childrens furniture

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