With just forty centimeters of floor space from front to back, imagine a storage system that you control.  A complete library is at your fingertips thanks to the smart and flexible design of Carlo Colombo.  The City Wall Cabinets feature a combination of materials that are distinctive characteristics of manufacturer Antonio Lupi: wood and crystalline glass.  A balance of these elements: solid and ephemeral, grounded and lightweight, sets the stage for a library that is its own study of contrasts in texture, shape, and color.  Offered in several different heights the City Wall Cabinets provide shelving with two-sided access, but that’s not all.


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Freestanding Flexibility: City Wall Cabinets by Antonio Lupi

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The City wall cabinets by Antonio Lupi are no longer relegated to an empty wall, as their sturdy steel base makes them ideal for serving as a unique, geometric partition wall or focal point in any design.  You will be able to easily manipulate their configuration to your needs by using the individual modules and invisible joint system.  To fit your design and your lifestyle, the glass units are made from thick 8mm tempered glass while the wood pieces are from the Panta Rei collection of colors.


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Make your selections of sizes to create the perfect grouping of wall cabinets with plenty of visible or closed shelving space.  The final result is a contemporary chic look that doesn’t spare the drama.  The striking lines of the City Wall Cabinet turn practical furniture into a seamless display of interior design that won’t fail to make an exciting first impression.


Where would you place your ultra modern City wall cabinets?