Forest Scholar’s Library Is the Home Office You’re Looking For

In case you’re working generally from home then you’re surly trying to make the most of the available work space you have to deal day in and day out. But since there’s always room for improving your home office, here’s an office do-it-yourself idea you could undertake yourself as long as you have a forest near your home to build this Scholar’s Library in. Designed by Peter Gluck, the Scholar’s Library in the pictures below is truly an inspirational place to work in. The artificial concrete and glass cube seems to fit perfectly with the forest and the overall surroundings and you’d have a great time commuting to work, not to mention actually working from such a “home” office.

Scholar's Library 1.jpg
Scholar's Library 2.jpg

Scholar's Library 3.jpg
Scholar's Library 4.jpg
Scholar's Library 5.jpg
Scholar's Library 6.jpg
Scholar's Library 7.jpg
Scholar's Library 8.jpg
Scholar's Library 9.jpg
Scholar's Library 10.jpg
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