Finally, the ultimate sofa in adjustable lounging has arrived.  For entertaining guests there’s no cooler, more flexible way to throw a party where everyone can kick back to relax and talk from comfortable seating.  Introducing the Circle Seating, a UNStudio and Ben van Berkel collaborative project for the Walter Knoll name.  The completely innovative and unique form starts with two curved, armless modular sections: one convex and one concave curve.


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Circle Seating by Walter Knoll


The two, mirrored pieces lay the foundation for all the possible layouts for the Circle seating by Walter Knoll. The rounded proportions of each unit extend from the solid base, through a smooth curve into the seat, and up and over the rounded, sloping back perfectly shaped for reclining.  When you begin grouping the pieces together, you’ll end up with a sofa that flows organically unlike any other.  You can link the units together to create a basic circle, perfect for intimate conversations with your friends and small gatherings.


Circle seating configuration

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Or you can choose to open up the flow into a snaking line with as many curves and loops as you wish to create, for a long row of seating that casually twists its way through a party with a single smooth motion. Sofa-style seating usually has key elements in common that make all the options nearly homogenous.  The Circle Armchair is so outside of the realm of normal, however, that it lends itself to a host of unique forms that will completely revolutionize the way you think about seating.


With your Circle seating, what configurations can you imagine?