Chess is one of the greatest games ever invented and it already has plenty of fans playing it around the world. In case you also love this home-played sport then we have a great chess table suggestion for you. The Flipboard Chesstable is exactly what your living room needs to help you cultivate your chess passion. The Flipboard Chesstable is all the more special, as it will morph into a regular coffee table once the game is over or whenever you decide to take a break. All you have to do is to flip the tabletop and, voila, the chess game disappears from sight and you’ll be looking at a regular coffee table instead. Moreover, underneath the flipboard there’s some storage space available, but make sure you don’t place too much junk down there as the chess pieces will still be attacked to the magnetized Chesstable even if upside down.

Chesstable 1.jpg
Flipboard coffee Chesstable 2.jpg

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