Looking for the perfect spot to stretch out and unwind? Try the FK 87 Grasshopper Chaise from Lange Production. It is as functional as it is decorative. It has a frame made from chrome-plated steel which offers sturdy support. The silhouette is inspired by the natural profile of a grasshopper and its neck support and loose cushions are made from analin leather. The leather comes in a variety of colors including cognac, brown, and black.


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The FK 87 Grasshopper Chaise

Grasshopper Chaise


The FK 87 Grasshopper Chaise makes it easy for you to relax and recharge your batteries. Its neck support provides extra comfort allowing you to lean back and rest for a while. Initially produced in 1968, it is a timeless piece. Lange Production has obtained exclusive rights to resume its reproduction. The new pieces are produced with the same tools used to produce the original pieces. They are made with quality materials for long-lasting comfort. The original piece was designed by Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm.


Modern chaise lounge

black and white chaise


What better place to relax and unwind than on the FK 87 Grasshopper chaise by Lange Production? It has sleek lines and makes a statement in any room. At the end of a tiring day, it provides total relaxation. You can put your feet up as you watch TV, read a book, or enjoy your favorite drink. If you have a large family, get more than one piece so you can all relax at the same time. The Grasshopper Chaise will enhance the look of your living room and will quickly become your favorite furniture piece. Besides its comfy neck support, what else do you like about the FK 87 Grasshopper Chaise?