Tired of constantly organizing your space? Let the FJ Panel System from Finn Juhl keep your home organized. The wall-mounted bookcase system is made from rosewood and can be leaned against the wall. It has pitch pine panels made up of cupboards with sliding doors, shelves, cabinets, and brass bookends. While it is large, it takes up little space leaving a lot of room for you to move around. The piece was designed by Finn Juhl back in 1953.


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FJ Panel System by Finn Juhl

Panel System for wall mounting


When designing interiors, Finn Juhl always focused on creating a whole design. He worked hard at creating a harmonious overall impression where art, light, space, furniture, colors, and materials interplayed. He worked with all the functions in a room, including storage. Finn Juhl designed a series of industrial-like furniture for Bovirke in the 1950s. The designs were inspired by renowned designer Charles Eames. He created the FJ Panel System by Finn Juhl for wall mounting to complete interiors in a sophisticated way.

Finn Juhl panel system

Design inspired by Charles Eames


The piece allowed walls to offer storage in an interactive way. You can place shelves and cabinets however you want and mix different types of woods and colors. Furniture company One Collection has decided to re-launch the FJ Panel System to complete the collection and to offer a functional, aesthetic, and contemporary solution to today’s need for dynamic storage. The FJ Panel System from Finn Juhl is a space-saving centerpiece. It offers enduring quality and will enrich your life and that of your family. It is a must-have piece for your home. What would you store on the FJ Panel System?