Fire Line Automatic Burner From Planika 1
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As a somewhat purveyor of stunning contemporary fireplaces, imagine my excitement when I came across the Fire Line Automatic Burner from Planika. Blurring lines between function and form, the burner can be mounted on a wall, onto a shelf, or used as a see-through free-standing fireplace. UL compliant and CE certified, the Fire Line Automatic Burner has been equipped with a LED display which is remote operable. Unlike the quintessential fireplace, the Fire Line Burner has been specifically designed for urban living spaces and has a unique ornamental quality to it. Don’t be fooled by the aura of fragility around it since it is shock-proof and CO2 sensitive and will react to any seismic activity.

Fire Line Automatic Burner
Fire Line Automatic Burner From Planika