bathroom storage open shelving

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If there were one room in your home that you could use more storage, what room would it be? Most homeowners would say their bathroom or kitchen. Kitchen storage tends to be an easier challenge to solve when you have plenty of space, but bathroom storage can be a bigger feat to solve due to a small space to organize. Hidden storage under or around your bathroom sink could be the answer. Whether you need to use your under cabinetry in a more organized way, or you need to make use of the extra space around your bathroom sink, look at these helpful ways to gain more storage under your bathroom sink.

bathroom storage open shelving
Organize under your sink to find hidden storage

Image via: Charles R Myer & Partners, Ltd

Clean out the clutter to find more space:

Believe it or not, you could have more space than you even realize. Go through your toiletries, cleaners, and grooming supplies and determine what is taking up space, what can be tossed, or can be housed in another part of your home. Once you have purged the old look to organizers that are sold at your local organization or housewares store. Vertical shelving that allows tiers of storage below your sink are ideal for a lot of bottles, toiletries, and cleaners. A simple DIY project if you have several hair brushes, curling irons and hair dryers, is to affix PVC pipe to the inside of your cabinetry doors. This will free up space for your hair accessories and allow you to free up counter space too. Often times the key to hidden storage isn’t adding more space, it’s using what you have more efficiently.

bathroom storage pedestal sinks
Look to versatile storage options like these drawers on wheels if need be.

Image via: Echelon Custom Homes 

Add storage where you once had none:

If your bathroom is lacking the physical storage, such as pedestal sinks that don’t have cabinetry there are several options to consider. Built-in cabinetry that can be constructed easily by a carpenter or you, if you’re handy with wood-working could be a solution. Building a custom built-on will allow you to have drawers, open shelving, customized to your needs. Consider using the entire space between your sinks or just keep it short and multifunctional. The solution for your bathroom could be storage on casters or wheels. This provides multi-functional usage, but also is ideal for small bathrooms that need versatility. Open shelving is a great option if you like the aesthetic appeal of storing your bath linen, toiletries for display and decoration. All of these options will increase your storage area.

bathroom storage cabinetry
Build built in storage around the space between your vanity sinks

Image via: Farinelli Construction Inc 

Who knew there were so many options for finding hidden storage below your bathroom sink? Storage is at a premium in your home, so make the best use of it by purging out the old and making better use of the space. Take out old items and replace with vertical organizers. If your bathroom could use a remodel, try installing a built in cabinet between your double sinks or opt for a mobile drawer unit on wheels. There are plenty of options to make your bathroom livable and organized again.