Fancy 470 Sofa Is Made With Big Living Rooms in Mind

We’ve seen plenty of sofa designs here recently but no model we inspected can be compared with the Fancy 470. This particular sofa is twice the size of a regular sofa and will offer twice the comfort. In case you have a very large living room that’s always filled with friends and family then you probably need enough seating solutions to accommodate every single one of your guests. The Fancy 470 sofa will definitely do the trick, as long as the room is big enough to fit it. The Fancy 470 offers Canaletto walnut and chrome finishes and comes upholstered with either leather or fabric, to suit all moods and overall living room designs.

Fancy 470 1.jpg
Fancy 470 2.jpg

Fancy 470 3.jpg
Fancy 470 4.jpg
Fancy 470 5.jpg
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