Technology and necessity are great when they are combined together to make our lives better. Faber has added a nice touch to the modern kitchen with everything, or almost everything. The Imago+ is a stylish modern hood vent that incorporates a 19″ flat panel LCD TV and digital tuner. The system also offers internet, video calling, on board recipes, multimedia player, and USB input for expanded capabilities. One really nice feature parents will love is a built in video webcam that will assist in monitoring activity in other rooms while the parents are busy cooking and entertaining. In addition as you would expect the Imago+ hood vent also extracts 870 m³/h of air through a removable dishwasher safe grease filter at 70 db. Faber also included a remote control, comfort and LED lights, and a filter saturation alarm.

faber imago plus multi media vent hood with tv

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