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Once upon a time, a folding chair was the stuff of elementary school kids’ nightmares — a bulky, indomitable piece of tangential furniture brought out only on holidays and during extended family visits, full of sharp edges and quick corners capable of squishing the little fingers placed in charge of dragging them up from the basement to be placed around the kids’ table for large gatherings.  But today, that clanky metal monstrosity is little more than a thing of the past, thanks to Dutch design duo Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten, the minds behind Flux Furniture.  Flux makes a series of folding furniture unlike anything we’ve ever seen, from its adult and child-sized chairs to its stools, tables and accessories.  Most fascinating is its envelope-inspired design, using “one craftily cut sheet of sustainable polypropylene” to create a rainbow of functional, space-saving occasional pieces. Available in a wide range of colors from white, yellow and orange to blue, green and more, the Flux chair is available online through Jacobs and Schouten for 89 British pounds — or a mere 59 for the junior edition.

 A New Kind of Folding Chair


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Photo credits: Flux Furniture