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The ApaChair from Ali Alavi looks strikingly different from other chairs, so commonly available. Sleek, modern, strong and stylish the ApaChair has its own appeal and charisma – completely justifying the abilities of its highly talented designer. With its unique shape, strong base and comfortable seating arrangement, this chair is going to stand apart from all other seating options you may have considered.


The ApaChair by Ali Alavi

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ApaChair by Ali Alavi is an exceptionally stylish chair available in an sophisticated contemporary design. It is simple, yet quite stylish and suitable for use by anyone. A comfortable cushioned seat on a sturdy stand assures complete comfort and ease when using the chair. You have the option of selecting a seat with its armrests or without it, as per needs. The back rest is given a unique curve with a curved space in between giving it a fresh and sophisticated appeal. The chair is given a strong and sturdy chrome finish base which completely balances the chair and offers complete support to anyone who enjoys it. The first look at this chair displays its modern design and looks which makes it easily fit into any modern interior. The best part is this chair is not going to consume too much space and is easily movable too.


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Just perfect in any kind of setting home or office, the ApaChair from Ali Alavi is definitely going to change the look of your interiors with its attention to detail and choice of colors, while offering a sophisticated design style. It is super stylish and classy and adds a new wave of charisma to any room where you choose to use them. Wouldn’t the ApaChair look great in your living room or family room area?