Looking for a beautiful sideboard that doubles up as a sculpture? The Symphony Sideboard from Boca Do Lobo is an excellent choice. The gorgeous furniture piece is inspired by symphonies. It looks more like a Xylophone or an African Marimba than a sideboard. It has an exotic wood structure and is enveloped by 95 polished brass tubes. The piece has an original style and is crafted by hand using the best materials. It has a beautiful interior with a set of drawers and two glass shelves. The drawers are covered with rosewood veneer.


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Symphony Sideboard by Boca Do Lobo

Limited Edition Golden Sideboard


Boca Do Lobo is known for its innovative pieces and fine craftsmanship. The Symphony Sideboard is one of its most exquisite pieces. It looks good in any setting and resonates an amazing design pitch. It is an excellent choice for your home and is ideal for those who love to entertain a crowd. Symphony beautifully blends design, style, luxury, and sophistication. It is made using cutting-edge technology such as Glass Work, Marquetry, and Joinery. It is an emotionally evocative piece that fits your home perfectly.


Luxury Sideboard by Boca Do Lobo

Contemporary Sideboards by Boca Do Lobo


A symphony often takes many forms and developments that are sudden and unexpected. Unlike a concert, its instruments play harmoniously even when others are silent. That’s the aura of the Symphony Sideboard from Boca Do Lobo. Each of its components work in agreement to create a design piece that is as pleasing to the eyes as a symphony is pleasing to the ears. What do you like most about the Symphony Sideboard?