Bathrooms are probably the most used areas within your home.  So why not give your bathroom a look that will not only add character but a relaxing and open feel to the space?  That’s right you don’t just have to leave your bathroom as the place with the sink, tub and/or shower.  Now you have to the ability to reconstruct your bathroom to fit your needs, personal style and more.  One great way to reinvent your bathroom is by using different types of materials such as glass.  Here are a few creative ways to incorporate glass into your bathroom.

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Using glass as an accent in your bathroom:

Glass is one of those versatile materials that can pretty much work well most other elements within a space.  What’s even more awesome about it is that it can be colored and there doesn’t have to be large amounts of it.  Try installing glass on the vanity cabinet doors underneath the sink, glass dividers, or even glass bathroom or shower doors especially if you are living in a loft or studio apartment.

Glass can open up your interiors:

Another wonderful asset of glass is that it can open up any space that it is used within, yet still has the solid properties to create privacy; due to its translucent attributes.  With today’s advancements in design glass walls have been created instead of using sliding glass doors.  You have a number of choices depending on the type of privacy and translucency you desire for your bathroom.

Versatile glass in a variety of decorative applications:

Glass tile is one of many ways to enhance the design of your bathroom.  Just like with the glass door, the glass tile has a variety of types to select from as well.  It gives more of a contemporary style to the space, and allows for more light to be mirrored off of them to have more of an airy appeal.  Try the glass tile on the countertop on the sink or around the shower.  They especially work well with natural woods, porcelain and some stones.

Glass is a great and simple way to add a renewed sharp look to your bathroom.  Most times it can be overlooked and underrated however glass can bring a truly strong presence within your bathroom.  You don’t have to go crazy with it; just a few touches will be more than enough.  So go out research information and manufacturers about which types of glass that will be perfect for your bathrooms.

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