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This particular piece furniture doesn’t really qualify as the usual outdoor furniture you’d be usually interested in purchasing, as it’s rather a home appliance that you’d store outside. This bold design can be an eco-friendly fridge solution for the future. The Electrolux external refrigerator is placed outside and accessible via a window. The refrigerator will use the temperature outside to conserve food in the colder months of the year while in summer the sun’s energy will be used to keep your favorite foods at cool temperature. Electrolux will certainly consider making such a fridge in the future especially since the product is part of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition.

Electrolux External Refrigerator Shows Us a Glimpse of the Future
Electrolux External Refrigerator 2.jpg


External Refrigerator 3.jpg
External Refrigerator 4.jpg
Electrolux External Refrigerator 5.jpg

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