The Modern Ela Leather Chaise Longue from Giorgetti

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The Ela leather chaise longue designed by Chi Wing Lo for Giorgetti is a luxurious lounger with base in polished solid maple.
The carefully chosen combination of materials are one of the distinctive and harmonious features of the Ela chaise longue. The seat and pillow is covered in leather or in saddle leather and is sitting on a metal frame that connects it to the wooden structure below. Its fluid shape and material combinations contrast enhance the sophistication of the design and make it look like a sculptural object at a first glance, but its comfort becomes immediately apparent upon use.
georgetti leather chaise longue

Designed for comfort, the back frame and the seat are made from structural polyurethane and cold-foam flexible polyurethane. For around $8000, which is the retail price of the Ela leather chaise longue, under the seat you’ll also get a manual glazed nickel-plated metal and stainless steel mechanism that enables the adjustment of the lounge chair in six different positions.
The remarkable finishings and innovative style of the Ela collection demonstrates an elegance that is spare, yet full of warmth and personality.
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Chi Wing Lo’s design was born to astonish! A piece with a strong personality that immediately draws attention and also a piece with multiple sitting positions that allows the best personal comfort, perfect for the more private dimension of the home and office as well as for the public and open environments.
Starting from a little shop with about 8 workers in 1898, Giorgetti makes famous the Italian tradition of luxury crafted furniture manufacturing. For the past 100 years all of their products are designed and manufactured in Brianza, Italy.
Each of the Giorgetti furnishings are designed to define and enhance your living space and this recliner proves once again that the Italian manufacturer is a choice you should take in consideration when decorating your interiors.

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