Blue Moon Whirlpool Tub by Duravit

Duravit makes whirlpool installation possible anywhere with the free standing Blue Moon Whirlpool Tub that offers a generous space to relax and fully float as only your back touches the tub. With the square corpus and round tub the Blue Moon whirlpool looks like a small pool and sports a water depth of 530 mm while only occupying a total space of only 140cm sq. The Duravit Blue Moon whirlpool has powerful jets that create a very relaxing and pleasant feeling of weightlessness and optional mood setting colored lights. Available in all acrylic or with wood accents on top and side. 21″ Deep 55″ Diameter Starting $8500.

Blue Moon Whirlpool Tub by Duravit blue moon whirlpool hot tub duravit